Why you don’t get a girlfriend

Imagine you are sitting in a pub and having drinks with your friends. You look around and see a stunningly gorgeous woman sitting across from you. You can’t just take your eyes off her. The more you look at her, the more your desire to approach her increases. You take a step ahead but then suddenly sit back  down again. You just fear she would reject you without even giving it a try. And that is one of the reasons why you can’t get a girlfriend. Don’t just sit there, do something. At least giving it a try would be a step in the right direction. Your fear is just keeping you down; you have to overcome that fear.

Secondly, make yourself look presentable. Don’t just give yourself a homeless look, but instead give an impression that you actually care about the way you present yourself and it is important to you. Looking presentable and decent will take you a step closer to her.

Thirdly, be confident. This is the area where most of the guys embrace failure. Women are really attracted to confident men. Stay cool, calm and collected in the presence of women and they will definitely be interested in you.

Fourthly, charm the socks off her and you will surely get the girlfriend in her. Don’t be too serious, lighten up. Women like fun and they always prefer men who know how to have fun.

Five, here’s  another one that makes men falls flat, forgetting promises. This is like committing suicide. If you have made any commitment, make sure that you fulfil it, otherwise she would think you are just like every other guy and will decide she shouldn’t waste any time with you.

Sixth, not being careful is another major mistake that guys often make. When you are in her friendship zone, you can’t claim her to be your girlfriend. You have to get out of that zone. Basically, girls expect their soul mates to be there when they need them, with whom they can discuss their problems and when she needs a shoulder to cry on. If you can comfort her, you definitely have a plus point; but don’t overdo it.

And finally, never reveal everything about you at once. Don’t just narrate your whole story on the first date. Give her enough to think and wonder about you. And last but not the least, never show your desperation – being needy will just scare them off.


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