Make her laugh to get a step closer

In the world of seduction, there is one thing that you need to remember- nothing is more powerful at winning a woman that the power of laughter. In fact this is considered the most effective technique to build up a rapport. So, you can use it while leaning how to get a girlfriend and to seduce your dream girl. It works incredible as icebreaker.

How this works? Well, Jokes can remove barriers that tend to get up when men approach women. If you can effectively use humour as a form of protection and to project yourself as a fun person, women will be enjoying your company.

And of course she will get rid of inhibitions and you will make a great progress with her during the pick up stage. After that you can ask for phone number or a date once you are confident to do so.

However, if you want to learn how to get a girlfriend, then make sure you make her laugh in less than five minutes to climb the success ladder. For this you need to build rapport quickly so that you can bond with her emotionally.

Now some of you might think that they weren’t born with a funny bone and thus they have limitation with making someone laugh at their jokes. Well, this is a mere oblivion on your part. One easy way to make women laugh is getting a bit self depreciated. You don’t need to be stand up comedian but just being cheerful can help you go long way.

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